VAM Releases

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 VAM 2.6.2  Virtual Airlines Manager 2.6.2 * Release Date 10 – December – 2016

Main enhancements:
– PHP 7 ready
– Live flights maps enhancements
– Web text editor added to several modules in order provide better usability to text configuration in several modules.
– Email configuration module enhancement.
– New module Web configuration manager: administrators can edit web content without modify any file.
– New module Airports manager.
– New module SIM ACARS reports manager.
– New VA parameters, more flexibility and power to configure the VA behavior.
– New Administrators reports.
– New user profile.
– New message alert.
– New statistics.
– New languages: Greek, Polish, Serbian, Portuguese, Japanese, Persian.
– Cosmetic enhancements.
– Improvements on the database queries.
– More information in the documentation.



 HOT FIX 01 for VAM 2.6  to be applied if you installed VAM 2.6 with installer version 20161127

Hot Fix 01 for VAM 2.6  

 HOT FIX 02 for VAM 2.6.1  to be applied if you installed VAM 2.6 with installer version 20161130 or previous version

Hot Fix 02 for VAM 2.6  

 VAM 2.5  Virtual Airlines Manager 2.5 & SIM ACARS 1.4.0 * Release Date 11 – OCTOBER – 2015

Main enhancements:
– New financial module
– New tours module
– New awards module
– New security rigths to provide different administration levels
– Pilots can use aircrafts from fleet for charter fligths
– New statistics
– Dynamic assigancion of PAX and cargo for regular fligths
– Routes and fleet assigned to hubs
– New language: German
– Cosmetic enhancements


    VAM 2.4  Virtual Airlines Manager 2.4 & SIM ACARS 1.3.0 * Release Date 5 – JULY – 2015

Main enhancements:
– SIM ACARS able to import flight plan fro regular flights from VAM system
– Automatic email generation when fligths are reported and validated by the administrators
– Complete airport information , including runway and frequencies
– METAR and TAF information available in the VAM system
– Administrators can delete flights, no data base access neded
– Charts for stats are now reponsive
– Dynamic route searcher
– New languages: French and Czech
– Cosmetic enhancements

  VAM 2.3  Virtual Airlines Manager 2.3 & SIM ACARS 1.2.0 * Release Date 14 – JUNE – 2015

Main enhancements:
– Full integration with SIM ACARS 1.2.0
– Full automatic flight rating based on new parameters
– Captcha added in pilot register form
– Validators can add comment in fligth validation process
– New parameter to do not count rejected fligths
– New parameter to allow pilot info as public/provate for non registered users
– Some user interface enhancements

  VAM 2.2  Virtual Airlines Manager 2.2 * Release Date 16 – MAY – 20155

Main enhancements:
– Full integartion of the new ACARS: SIM ACARS

 VAM 2.1  Virtual Airlines Manager 2.1 * Release Date 15 – FEB – 2015

Complete release. No scripts delivered to migrate from previous version. In case you are using previous version please contact me to provide guide to migrate to version 2.1
Main enhancements:
– Complete new look and feel. VAM 2.1 is fully responsive. All pages are adapted to any screen size.
– Multi language capabilities. VAM can be adapted to any language, you only need to translate a file for your language.
– Event and NOTAM management added in the administration panel.
– Configuration of emails templates for new pilots.
– Maps using Google maps API.
– Personal statics added.
– Possibility to use any char-set for the data.