Routes Manager

Routes are part of the regular flights, this module is designed to simulate the real operations of airlines.

Administrators can create as many route as desired.

Example of creation of a route from the administration panel:


VAM system does not associate a particular aircraft to a route, VAM is more flexible because allows to associate an aircraft type to a route. For example the route LEMD-LEBL can be associated to the fleet type A320 and B738, it means that any A320 or B738 can fly this regular route.

Pilots certified for at least one fleet type can flight regular routes. The first step from the pilot panel is to book a route.


The list of available routes is based on the current pilot location. In this case the pilot is in LEMD (Madrid)



Once the pilot selects a route in a second step all the aircrafts available in the pilot location are displayed, in addition the route information and METAR & TAF for departure and arrival is displayed.





Detailed information about the airports (including runway information and NAV Aids frequencies) can be accessed clicking on the ICAO links.