Fleet manager

VAM is extremely flexible  in the fleet management. Administrators can create unlimited fleet types , there is not restriction on the number of fleet types.

Each aircraft/ helicopter will be linked to a fleet type, so the first step to create an aircraft/ helicopter is to define the fleet types.

When creating a fleet type the administrator can assign the most important attributes like aircraft ICAO, MTOW, Maximum range, service celling, can assign an image …. Some attributes are directly linked to the financial module, they are:

  • PAX (number of passengers).
  • Cargo capacity.
  • Unit Price.


Example of a fleet type and list of aircraft of that fleet type.



Once the fleet types are created administrators can create as many aircraft of each type as needed. For each aircraft VAM stores all the information about the flights done for each aircraft. It means the Virtual Airline has all the information for each individual aircraft/helicopter.


List of aircrafts from administrator panel


List of aircrafts from the user point of view, it is a public page




Details at aircraft (tail number) about what fligths and who was the pilot is tracked and available.