Is VAM compatible with Linux and Windows servers?

Yes, VAM can be installed on Linux and Windows Servers.

The prerequisites are:

  • PHP version 5.4 or higher
  • Rewrite enabled in your web server
  • MySQL

Can I install VAM in my local PC?

Yes, you only need a web , php and data base server. For Windows I recomend XAMP

When I enter into the admin panel I see php errors.

This is due to you have a php version lower than 5.4. The solution is to upgrade your server to php 5.4 or greater.

In case you cannot upgrade and you face the errors in some administration pages you can use these files as a workaround, but you will lose some translations, those translations are not affecting the system behaviour, they are just cosmetic translations.

This is the error you will see the following.



Can I change the welcome email message for new registered pilots?

Yes, the text sent in the welcome email can be configured through the administration panel, email configuration.




ACARS and Flight Trackers integrated in VAM

VAM has integrated the following ACARS and flight trackers:

  • SIM ACARS: is the native ACARS for VAM, totally programed by me and it is also free. You can also use SIM ACARS not being connected to VAM. More information in simacars.net totally compatible with FS2004, FSX, FSX-SE, P3D V2 and V3 and X-Plane
  • FS KEEPER: is a pay ware ACARS. http://www.flightkeeper.net
  • FSACARS: is free ACARS: was the first ACARS integrated in VAM, new enhancements added from VAM 2.4 are not added to FSACARS pireps, the reason is that SIM ACARS is the best choice as a free ACARS.
  • SMART ACARS: is not supported and so far there is no plans to integrate it with VAM, the reason is that SMARTS ACARS does not offers more functionalities than SIM ACARS does and also it is a pay ware add-on.
  • FS Passengers was initially in the scope of VAM but for the moment no plans to integrate it.


The adminstration panel is not openeing

If your server is on php 5.4 or greater and the administration panel is not opening most probably your problem is due to your url contains a subdomain, for example www.vam.yourvirtualcomapny.com

The administration panel is developed with a php framework called Cakephp and the way it is built needs a mod_rewrite enabled in your web server. Some VAM users had this issue with subdomains, if this is your case please have a look to this link about how to setup the mod_rewrite in your server and how to use it.

Usually the mod_rewrite is enabled but in case it is not you should ask your hosting administrator to enable id. Also you will need to modify your .htaccess file.




How to change the color in VAM layout

Non administration pages use bootstrap , a css framework. The colors and other look and feel features are defined by css. If you want to change the colors or any other css style you should modify the css called custom.css . This file is path vam\css

Read documentation about CSS and Bootstarp about how to customiza your custo.css file


How to request support?

The main channel to request support is the forum. Special request can be sent to admin@virtualairlinesmanager.net

No support will be given via Facebook or twitter (Please understand I am the only one developing VAM and SIM ACARS and I need one single input channel)



Routes data base structure

Let me explain how routes are structured in VAM
There are some tables to take into account:

• Routes : is the table to store the information about the route: dep, arrival, duration . Important also to set up the hub. The field “fleettype_id” will be removed in the next release, it is not used.
• Fleettypes: table to store the type of aircrafts.
• Fleet: table to store your aircrafts, each aircraft is linked to a Fleettype, so there is a foreign key to the table Fleettypes
• Fleettypes_routes: this table is the relation between your routes and the type of aircraft (Fleettypes), there is a row per the pair route-fleettype

As you can see the DB model is simple, in the relations N:M there is a new table : for example Fleettypes_routes because one route can be assigned to more than one fleet type and one fleet type can be assigned to more than one route (relation N:M)

How to reset counters, flights and flight time

If you want to delete your data related to flights an counters run the following sql statements in your data base:

  • Delete SIM ACARS flights:

DELETE FROM vamevents;
DELETE FROM vam_track;
DELETE FROM vampireps;
DELETE FROM vam_live_acars;
DELETE FROM vam_live_flights;

  • Delete regular flights and flightrs linked to aircrafts:

DELETE FROM regular_flights_tracks;

  • Delete other type of reports:

DELETE FROM pirepfsfk;
DELETE FROM reports;

  • Clear your finances:

DELETE FROM va_finances;

  • Clear jumps done by pilots:


  • Reset your fleet to initial counters:

UPDATE fleets SET booked=0, status=100, hours=0,hangar=0, gvauser_id=NULL;