About me

I am Alejandro, a virtual pilot since I was 13 years old. I started in virtual aviation in 1989 with ATP sublogic simulator.

Currently I continue flying in IVAO network and also you can find me as a virtual ATC.

In the last years I have been involved in the creation of a Virtual Airline, my main task was to develop the web system. Due to my experience and knowledge of the needs a VA staff could have I decided to bring my work as a Open Source and free Virtual Airlines Manager System. The goal is to allow the creation of a Virtual Airline and all the system & processes needed in an easy way, without need to modify the source code and without need of deep web development skills.

How VAM was developed

The origin of VAM was a system developed for a Spanish VA. The goal was to have a complete web system independent of others like FS Airlines, FS Economy …

VAM has been developed to be easily customizable by anyone, I have not used a complex programming therefore VAM is adaptable and easily scalable.

Since version 2.1 VAM has been completely changed the look and feel, VAM automatically adapts to any screen size , including the administration part.

Contact me

You can follow me via Facebook, Google plus and Twitter

Also you can send me an email at admin@virtualairlinesmanager.net


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