Author Topic: Pilots and Aircrafts - moving location along the flights (Wish for enhancement)  (Read 864 times)

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First of all, I would like to say (big) thank for you to develop such a nice platform for the flight sim community.  Tell me how much a cup of coffee in your country, I am planning to buy you 10  ;D

Now - as a VA operator, I would like to share with you my feeling about VAM pilots/aircrafts moving location system and hopefully there will be some improvements in the next version.

1. Aircraft and pilot moving concept (under regular flight)
- honestly, I like this concept. And indeed this is the real life situation too.  However, in the virtual world, as a VA operator we are facing a problem of route imbalance - some forwarding route (A to B) is more popular than the returning route (B to A) which results most of the aircrafts are stucking in the destination (B).  Hence, the other pilots can not fly from A to B and eventually they will leave our VA - at least this is my observation at the moment.  I agree that the pilot should be moved along with the flight because this is their choice.  However, their choice will impact others (if they do not return with the aircraft) and other pilots can not go from A to B becuase there is no aircraft in A!  Therefore, in the next version, is it possible for the VA operator to choose if they would like the aircraft will also be moved along the flight?  At the moment, what we can do is to purchase more and more aircrafts and eventually we are moving into the bankrupt situation  :-\

2. For the pilot side, is it possible for them to "jumpseat" from B to A with the corresponding charge from their salary?

That is it for today.  Enjoy your weekend