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Rank Settings
« on: April 24, 2020, 05:12:40 AM »
It works properly, but I would like the following would be possible:

I want a Pilot to pass an exam when he/she reaches the minimum hours for next rank.
I would like the rank would not change automatically letting he/she stay with the same rank til the moment of doing the exam.

I've tried:

rank1 min 0h / max 50h
rank2 min 40h / max 100h
(letting to continue flying 10 hours at rank1 without doing the exam, but didn't work, when he/she does 40h the rank automatically changes)

I wouldn't mind if I had to change ranks manually as required, cos I guess is easier to "disable" the automatic changes than creating php codes to do the work.

Could anyone tell me which is the file linked to this?

Thanks in advance!