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« on: April 13, 2020, 04:13:00 PM »
first of all, this program is great. But I have some idears to improve it for the adminstrators:
1. All aircraft suitable should be available for all flightplans.
2. In the Fleet Type the TORA should be implemented
3. An additional data base should be iinstalled: Pax Price and Cargo Price ($/NM (why, explained later))
3. The structure of Flightplan should be corrected in the following manner:
    - Flight
    - Departure
    - Arrival
    - Alternate
    - ETD
    - Distance (ETA is ot usefull because of aircraft with different speeds and max FL)(this point can be used for calculating the prices)
    - Pax Price (calculated price and distance)
    - Cargo Price (calculated price and distance)
    - replace Price by Special Price which is defined by +/- % figure (e.g. 10% for 10% surcharge)
    - FP Route
    - set TORA instead of FL (because C172 and B777 use different altitudes/FL)
    - delete Duration
    - Aircraft type assignation (the aircraft able to fly this route can be set automatically because of known TORA and max distance)

These are my suggestions.
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