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Solutions for few problems on VAM
« on: January 14, 2020, 01:01:10 PM »
Dear All;

Firstly thanks so much to Alejandro for this very detailed and nice study and for sharing it with the community.

I am interested in using VAM locally (like an addon) to enjoy more to fly virtually. And followed almost all the instructions on the manuals and on the forum. I am using latest XAMPP locally and installed VAM. I am struggling with the details for about few weeks. It seems to have most of the VAM working but having few problems that I could not solve. I saw few successfull va's working propoerly such as sunriseflyvirtual and virtuallh. As everbody, I am expecting the new version of VAM 2.7 soon but up to that moment, I would kindly ask your support on few problems that I face.

-Regular flight from vamacars can not be seen on pilots flight (in pilots roaster) ?
-Although they are configured, financial parameters are not inserted in va_finances.php (income or costs such as airport taxes, fuel,etc.) ?
-Income from pax and cargo for the flights are not inserted in the va_finances.php ?
-Aircraft repair or maintenance are inserted in vaprofits but not to va_finances.php ?
-Top 5 landing statistics are not showing ?

In general, I see that financial system phps such as calculate_flight_finances.php  and  receivevampirep.php which are inserting parameters into va_finances and vaprofit are not working propoerly for me. I am wondering that if the collegues of the proper reporting vas , editted their related phps ? Is there anything that I can do to make these phps working ?

Again, I would kindly ask, if dear forum collegues can support , espeacially dear "Sunriseflyvirtual" collegues (Timothee) can help me for the solution and suggestions ?
(ıt would be very kind of you if you can send your above or any related related financial phps to me , in order to check my phps)

Thanks for your supports in advance and hope to keep VAM alive for long. We are expecting Alejandro to come back soon, to continue this excellent work.

All the best


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