Author Topic: Almost there but still so far (Install Errors)  (Read 161 times)


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Almost there but still so far (Install Errors)
« on: November 06, 2019, 04:23:44 PM »
Good morning,

I've made progress all morning and for me to say I'm iffy when it comes to PHP and SQL would be an understatement but I believe I have done a good job thus far weeding through all of the issues I have run in to. I've searched far and wide for answers but have yielded none leading me to my last resort, reaching out for help. Now I'm hoping the solution to the first problem solves the second but that's just me being optimistic. I've gone through all of the PHP files that are stated in the error codes but have been unable to find any errors myself, again, im a novice when it comes to PHP so please be gentle. When I'm on my homepage I get 2 "Warnings" and a notice in the header section, these warnings state the following:
-Warning: session_start(): open(/storage/ssd1/706/11491706/tmp/sess_kdhnje6p38gdeldd6vm952q961, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /storage/ssd1/706/11491706/public_html/vam/index.php on line 13
-Warning: session_start(): Failed to read session data: files (path: /storage/ssd1/706/11491706/tmp) in /storage/ssd1/706/11491706/public_html/vam/index.php on line 13
-Notice: Undefined index: language in /storage/ssd1/706/11491706/public_html/vam/index.php on line 25


Next issue is what happens when I go to the login page, once I click the button it just goes to an all-white screen with no UI whatsoever and all errors, see the image below:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,