Author Topic: Finnair Virtual - A Discord-based VAM Airline  (Read 64 times)


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Finnair Virtual - A Discord-based VAM Airline
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:16:26 AM »
I am pleased to share the news that a new VAM-based airline, Finnair Virtual ( has launched and is inviting pilots to apply.

The focus at Finnair Virtual is on the flying: we want to simplify the process for pilots to manage and book flights, track their progress and engage in operational activities such as submitting manual PIREPs.

We want the focus to be on the flying and not unnecessary complications such as financial management or complex web portals for pilots.

Most significantly, we are seeking to innovate in the area of the tools we provide our community to interact with the airline.

While our airline management backend is VAM and is used to manage routes, fleet, ranks, hubs, and so on, the user interface we present to the public and pilots is not. Our main Web site is built on Wordpress using the VAMwp Wordpress plugin ( recently announced in VAM forums.

We have also adopted the Discord social gaming platform for managing all airline operations from communicating with and between pilots to allowing pilots to manage their operational activities. Through a simple Discord chat bot, pilots can manage all their pilot activities in a simple series of chat messages. All engagement between the airline and its pilot community is through the Discord platform rather than by e-mail or Web-based forums.

This Discord chatbot will eventually be released to the VAM community once it is considered sufficiently mature and complete.

We welcome you to visit our site and learn more about Finnair Virtual and hope to see some of you in the air.