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Rent an aircraft by the pilot
« on: April 18, 2018, 11:47:47 AM »

First, excuse me for my wrong english.

I'm the CEO of a french VA.

I have a suggestion that we have made in our company : the rent of an aircraft by a pilot.

The goal is to book an aircraft for a free flight (with or without passengers/cargo, then rentability) like an airclub free flight.

The pilot could book an aircraft for a total free flight, and must pay for that rent.

Like airclub flight, the pilot could wind 50% af the income revenu, and the company could wind 50%. (50%, or another value, a new setting to made in the VA parameters)

Of course, in a real way, just small aicrafts should be configured with a rent cost. It's the job of the fleet manager.

The rent cost could be set in the fleet settings as a new parameters "rent costs per hour".

The pilot may do that because:
- he win a lot of monney with regular/charter activity and wants to do some free flight, and then rent a small GA to do that.
- he wants to win monney with an airclub flight (50% income for the pilot, 50% for the VA, setting to do in the VA Parameters). Because this pilot can do only very short flight or love GA no liners.

This features is very important for a lot of VA because they have liners pilots and GA pilots.

What about this idea ?