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Automatic flight validation
« on: January 28, 2023, 05:36:35 AM »
Even if no one else posts anything here, I refuse to abandon ship even though I'm not the captain.  >:(

That said, here are the files modified for the "automatic validation" to work, where the flight can be approved or rejected if the VS is higher than that stipulated in the VA parameters.
How it works: a sum is made of all the faults committed by the pilot during the flight, and the score taken into account is the one stipulated in "ACARS Parameters" of the Site Administration.
After verification, the score is stored in the RATING field and if it reaches ZERO, the flight is rejected. I preserved the REFUELING and PAUSE items because false positives are constantly affected and only in these cases the flight is not automatically validated, leaving it to be analyzed manually. The reasons for rejection are stored in the Validator_comments field and can be retrieved to be emailed to the pilot.

Please, if you find some problem do a feedback here. Thx!