Author Topic: VAM 2.6 Hot Fix 01 released  (Read 1564 times)


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VAM 2.6 Hot Fix 01 released
« on: November 30, 2016, 11:45:37 PM »
I have released a Hot Fix for a few issues found by some users.
Please go to VAm releases web
installer is also updated with this new Hot Fix
Just replace those files in your server.

Bug fixes:
- Default order for pilot flights corrected
- Removed dupliated plnes on planes out of route report
- Avoid to create SIM ACARS pireps via admin panel
- Removed duplicated information during validation of SIM ACARS fligths
- Fixed issue on time format variable
- Fixed issue on stadistics when using Windows servers

Aslo Apple release a hot fix days after a new iOS version is released :-)
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