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Bug reports / Re: Google Maps error just popped up
« on: July 23, 2018, 01:17:20 AM »
Not to worry!!! If you screw up you can always re-install... Hahahaaaa... Seriously tho... just note the php file you're editing... note the line #'s you're commenting out... save the edits... reload the new web and see if things look great.  If not just dive right back in and reverse your steps.

The bigger concern is if/when the promised UPDATES arrive. How will they trash your edits... Just keep notes... like I do and you'll be fine.



This penalty bucket should be removed from the planned VAM updates. Here is an example reported by ACARS during my current flight EDDF-VAPO over 3hrs into the flight climbing up to initial cruise of FL370...

2018-07-22 16:36:01OVERSPEED  KIAS: 278 Altitude 36588 feet AGL
2018-07-22 16:36:22 RECOVER FROM OVERSPEED  KIAS: 278 Altitude 36569 feet AGL
2018-07-22 16:59:26OVERSPEED  KIAS: 278 Altitude 34960 feet AGL
2018-07-22 16:59:27 RECOVER FROM OVERSPEED  KIAS: 278 Altitude 34961 feet AGL
2018-07-22 16:59:27OVERSPEED  KIAS: 279 Altitude 34961 feet AGL
2018-07-22 17:00:02 RECOVER FROM OVERSPEED  KIAS: 278 Altitude 33219 feet AGL

... the WX Engine - FSGlobal Real Weather  injects winds aloft data into the sim on a station by station crossing schedule along the route. It is the WX injection that introduces the sudden changes... not the virtual pilot.

Even in the real world, such wind direction/speeds fluctuations can rattle the KIAS indicator.   Pilots can ONLY react to those situations... but they do happen.

Why have a a penalty imposed on a virtual pilot/flight at the instant the airspeed indicator is affected?  When even the real world pilot can only REACT... meaning... the condition has already happened?

This makes no sense - from a Sim point of view.   A real world pilot would NEVER induce an overspeed condition!  Neither would a real world pilot fly INTO a known DOWNDRAFT... all the pilot can do is REACT after the condition occurs.

ACARS does not provide a reaction time window.     It just kicks a PENALTY.    Some see this as making the sim experience 'as real as it gets'.   It's is a distraction honestly!  It detracts from an otherwise decent experience of enjoying a simulated flight.

It's a frustration to me (a virtual pilot) and my GM - a real-world captain - thinks these types of penalties are just totally ridiculous.

I hope Alex (VAM Developer) is paying attention to these issues.

I also log my flights on projectFLY.  None of these penalties are broadcast for the entire flight pirep.

I'm also noticing that with projectFLY's Landing Rate?  I touch down at -118/fpm on rojectFLY's measurements scale.  The exact same flight using SIMACARS is reported in excess of -100/fpm.  So project FLY reports -118/fpm and SIMACARS reports -218/fpm for the exact same flight... using Simconnect or FSUIPC variables.  I don't get that discrepancy!  The variances are NOT all with such a wide range. However there is a sizeable variance between both platforms.



Bug reports / Re: Google Maps error just popped up
« on: July 23, 2018, 12:32:07 AM »
Removing the map - or said another way - disabling the map can be done by commenting out the code in two (2) .PHP scripts...

a) the code that displays on the home page - Active Flights

b) the code that displays on the Pilot's Stats Page - Past 10 flights

I will dig into that code tomorrow - Monday - and test it... before reporting back.

I agree that the moving Map is sweet eye candy. But being milked by Google?  Not so much.



Hi dohavik. I understand all of that 'milking the cow' Google buisness. I was asking if you had integrated the other FREE opensource moving map into your installation of VAM. And... if so, does it work?



Have you tried replacing the Google API 'hook' .php script with this Opensource pkg? The current API is called from two (2) separate .PHP flies?  Did it work?  Or are you just recycling this Opensource pkg information?



Bug reports / Re: Google Maps error just popped up
« on: July 21, 2018, 01:44:38 AM »
An hour and forty-five minutes talking to a Google Rep (who actually called me back... Yeah Google!!!!)  has revealed the following...  The API generating Google portal appears to NOT work for me. I can't generate a Key. The Rep is mystified.  Her Supervisor confirmed that I am the FIRST person who has notified them of a problem on their end.  "Ok!  That makes me a Google Beta Tester... Right?"  LMAO

QUOTA = Map Loading.  That is... each time the map is loaded... the quota is impacted.   Apparently there is a 28,000 FREE Map loads granted with an API Key based on the type of Map/API.   Tthere are quite a few different types of Maps and each type has a unique Key.

For shits 'n grins...  the rep and I did some Math using the following logic.  She pulled June out of the Cloud... LOL

TOTAL QUOTA per API KEY per Month (still cloudy about the different types of maps Google provides AND $$$$ pricing for use of their APIs)

              = 28,000 map loads per month


              = 500 members

JUNE month

              = 30 days

So, if each pilot loads their VA website and displays the Map ONCE while flight(s) is/are in progress just...   each day...   for 30 days?    Then 500 * 30 = 15,000 Map loads

At some point within that month, the Map load FREE quota is gonna get whacked if multiple Map loads * pilots take place!!!     When the map becomes greyed-out and displays "For Development Use Only" or whatever... that means there is no Credit Card ($$$$$) on file to pay Google $200 USD to recharge the quota.   "Hmmmmmmmm"

She wants me to set up an account where I supply a Credit Card to Auntie Google to have $200USD pulled each and everytime the quota is exceeded.   "WTFlightsim is she talking about... Right?"  But, she's dead serious.

Also, I would have the option of BLOCKING Auntie Google from hitting my Credit Card... Absolutely.   But, if I told my CC Company NOT pass the charge through? The map will get greyed out.

The FREE quota is refreshed on the 2nd month (not the NEXT) after the quota has been exceeded.   Oh! Hell Yeah!!!   I love you Auntie...

She even asked me for the email address and password for the Developer - who generated the KEY we all have - originally. Yep! Sure did!  Reason given?  It would tell her the TYPE of API usage associated with that KEY.

Sit Down!  Tighten your shoulder harness!

How many people are using VAM?     So that means "howmany" * "pilot roster" * "map loads per month" equals some sort of Hexadecimal number that's HUGE???

Oh!  I forgot to add this...  How many times per minute (or frequency) does the VAM Index page refresh while the Map is active?     Ahhh... AKA Map loads?

Someone... anyone... please tell me that Auntie Google doesn't aim to run the World?  Time for an adult beverage.  I'm gonna re-read the VAM User Manual.  Surely (Don't call me Shirley) I missed that Google API Key thingy!

I've been running VAM in 'beta' as I iron out the kinks and identify the bugs since March 1st, 2018... kinda interesting that after 3.5 months and 93 flights I whacked that quota into September for a FREE refresh I think?  I gotta learn Googleese too...



« on: July 21, 2018, 12:37:55 AM »
This may be a different approach. Coult it be possible the VAM package was NOT installed correctly at the hosting company's servers?  Reason I asked... I just went to the VA link provided by pifortif and it looks like the 404 Error over there?

I dunno...


Bug reports / Re: Google Maps error just popped up
« on: July 19, 2018, 10:38:08 PM »
Thanks so much Timothee... I'll do that. I must have missed that 'fact' in the Users Manual.



Bug reports / Google Maps error just popped up
« on: July 19, 2018, 06:42:47 AM »

"This page can't load Google Maps correctly"

"Do you own this website"

... and on the underlying map...

"For development purposes only"

There was a previous error posted that required removing a SPACE from the Key.

Anyone cares to explain what this is all about?



A lot of work getting to the point you've reached. "Congratulations".

The following is merely a comment. Please take it as such...

Using VATSPY as a similar example - it contains a database of airports, FIRs, Regions, etc. worldwide.  Over the years - 10 by my calendar - it has become a fragmented mess.  There is now a concentrated effort to harness the multiple (and varied) collection of database... each 'version' maintained by different groups of individuals.

My instance if VAM is centered around Business/Executive Charters... flights which may indeed land on a grass strip somewhere.  In fact, just yesterday, I flew into an airport in Western Australia  - one that supports the Gold Mining industry down there... serviced by Cobham Aviation using a fleet or RJ100's.  To my surprise, a grass strip loomed in the distance... LOL Clearly not a place you'd want to land at night?  Key is... FSX (and I suspect xPlane and P3D) had this ICAO in the database.



Support for SIM ACARS / Re: Sim Acars SSL
« on: July 16, 2018, 10:59:26 PM »
Join the line waiting for an answer to that question...



Agreed with the delay in updates.   It's a better decision IMHO to fix the platform first... instead of putting 'lipstick' on the not-so-fixed package.

If 50% of the suggestions were reviewed and streamlined... that could result in a 30% improvement in an ALREADY DECENT Management System.

After 4 months of running VAM as a subdomain in 'beta' - just me, my CFO and GM doing flights - I'm still nervous about running 'alpha'... having a pilot roster... and having to maintain tables... answer questions... and essentially run yet another 'support center'  for VAM...   because I am still experiencing issues here and there with no immediate fix in sight.

I'll throw this in here... Not all applications/installations of VAM should be seen as relative ONLY to mainstream airlines.

Some of the PENALTY FLAGS that ACARS kicks up - not only is it not done with an operation like ProjectFly - my GM... a r/w pilot assures me that if he requests a high speed departure from r/w ATC and there is no congestion in the area?  He can climb out faster than 250kts below 10,000'.  The FAR/AIM has rules and suggestions for use of landing lights or even lights in general.  Most GA pilots look at replacing burnt out bulbs as a huge expense... they turn on their lights when it is absolutely requires/necessary.

Pausing the sim.   Why penalize a virtual pilot because he is flying ONLINE - maybe an 11hr rotation - and needs to go to work in the morning... disconnect from VATSIM... pause the flight...  and will resume the flight tomorrow?



maybe this could help? GVAUSER is (at time of installation of VAM) the Super User Admin type.  The ID is the table INDEX value.  The User Manual tells you pretty much NOT to delete this record from the table.  Also, the table GVAUSERS is the actual PILOTS table. VAM does not work with the PILOTS table at all. So, check the Manual then retrace your setup and see if somewhere along your journey you've done something unusual to the Admin record in GVAUSERS table.

I've had other issues with VAM... but not this type of error... I'm thinking the Admin gvauser record got stepped on somewhere along the ling. Check the Manual and follow the steps as written. Good luck guys...



Support for Installation / Re: Users can not register
« on: July 16, 2018, 10:17:01 PM »
Looking at the Registration process... only COUNTRY, CITY and HUB - it would appear - may produce such error?  I'm just saying...  If it is a HUB - ICAO (invalid entry) then that may cause the error?  I haven't looked at the code to see if COUNTRY or CITY entries have a built-in lookup. Hope this helps...



I agree with your suggestion. Thank you for mentioning it. Now... whether it can or will be implemented - AND - how long to do it - AND - how such an upgrade may delay delivery of the long awaited v2.7 upgrade? That's the $1m question...



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