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New and Announcements / VAM 2.6 Hot Fix 01 released
« on: November 30, 2016, 11:45:37 PM »
I have released a Hot Fix for a few issues found by some users.
Please go to VAm releases web
installer is also updated with this new Hot Fix
Just replace those files in your server.

Bug fixes:
- Default order for pilot flights corrected
- Removed dupliated plnes on planes out of route report
- Avoid to create SIM ACARS pireps via admin panel
- Removed duplicated information during validation of SIM ACARS fligths
- Fixed issue on time format variable
- Fixed issue on stadistics when using Windows servers

Aslo Apple release a hot fix days after a new iOS version is released :-)

New and Announcements / VAM 2.6 with Windows Server
« on: November 28, 2016, 10:06:26 PM »
a couple of users reported 3 issues with Windows Servers and VAM 2.6 . I am working to fix the issue and a hot fix will be release soon.
Linux Servers are not affected by these issues.

Noticias y anuncios / VAM 2.6 disponible
« on: November 27, 2016, 07:02:56 PM »
Hoy oficialmente esta disponible VAM 2.6
Esta versión funciona con SIM ACARS 1.4

El número de cambios es demasiado alto para crear un actualizador separado, por lo que todos los archivos que se tienen que aplicar están en el archivo zip del instalador VAM.

Asegúrate de crear copias de seguridad antes de aplicar los archivos y el script de base de datos. Debes hacer el merge de tus customizaciones.

Espero que disfruten de esta nueva versión. Ahora es el momento de dedicar los esfuerzos a SIM ACARS 1.5 que traerá muchas mejoras.

Link de descarga:
Demo VAM 2.6

En caso de dudas o bugs por favor reportar por el foro.

New and Announcements / VAM 2.6 released
« on: November 27, 2016, 06:58:30 PM »
Today VAM 2.6 is officially released.

Oficial version of SIM ACARS is 1.4 for VAM 2.6.

The number of changes is too high to create as separated updater, so all the files you have to apply in your current VAM  installer zip file are in the installer.
Make sure to create backups before apply files and data base scritp. You have to merge your customizations.
I hope you enjoy this new release. Now it is time to dedicate the efforts to SIM ACARS 1.5 that will bring many features.

Release link:
Demo in VAM 2.6

In case of doubts or bugs please use the forum.

New and Announcements / VAM 2.6 Work in progress
« on: November 04, 2016, 11:05:40 PM »
it is time to show you how VAM 2.6 looks, I am adding more things thna initually was in the plan, but my idea is to deliver this new version by this month (November 2016)
Here the main enhancements.

- VAM 2.6 is now compatible with PHP 7. So VAM can work from php 5.4 to PHP 7 versions.
- New VA parameters:
  • Date format: all dates in the non admin pages will be displayed based on the date format specified in the parameter. Use this link to create date formats:
          examples of valid formats:
  • Time format: all times in the non admin pages will be displayed based on the time format specified in the parameter: two options decimal or HH::MM
  • Auto Approved: parameter for allow auto approve any flight reported
  • Auto cancellation: number of hours for auto cancellations of reserves
  • Auto cancellation: number of hours for auto cancellations of reserves
  • Report for admins to display aircrafts that are out of routes (regular fligths) with posibility to move the aircraft to the hub just pressing one button
  • Report for admins to diplay users with no flight reported in X days, witht eposibility to send a warning email just pressing one button

- wysiwyg editor: new text editor for the following sections. This allow to create complex text with HTML features, no need to edit php files, you can set the text and images in the admin panel for the following sections
  • Events
  • Email manager: Register text
  • Tour manager Tour description
  • Rules
  • Staff
  • Welcome section
  • Rules

Example of the editor for admin:

here how it will appear in the VAM event section for pilots

- Airport Manager: new module to add, edit or delete Airports from the database
- SIM ACARS report manager: new module to edit, delete flights reported by SIM ACARS, no need to touch the data base since now
- Manual report manager:new module to edit, delete flights reported by SIM ACARS
- Pilot manager. super user VAM 100 : can be renamed but never can be deleted. So the super user of VAM will never been deleted by accident
- New module to create trainings and courses for pilots
- Possibility to hide admin icons/images to have better view on table data in the admin panel

For the non admin users here some of the enhancements

- all the information are linked, many links have been added to huibs, locations, piltos , aircrafts from many pages
- all tables can be sorted by columns also a searcher is added to all the dates.
- Pagination added tot he tables. Below some examples

- cosmetic enhancements, new icons and better look and feel. Including falg and name of airports in many places

- Pop up alert when a pilot log in and there if an internal email received and not read.
- for pireps reported by SIM ACARS: new data capture : initial FOB (Fuel On Board) loaded when the track starts.
- new stadistics for piltos and for the VA
- Many enhancements in the map for live fligths using SIM ACARS

  • Reserves:Auto cancellation fixed
  • Password recover
  • php warning fixed in admin panel
  • Pilot options/ change profile , dropdown for hub fixed
  • minor bugs fixed

There are other enhancements, internal ones.

Also I have been working in the new version of SIM aCARS with many new funtionalities, but i will release first VAM and 2 or 3 weeks later SIm ACARS because there are things to add to the ACARS and I do not want to block the relase of VAM. Here some of the new funtionalities of SIM ACARS

  • New parameter captured initial FOB
  • Light penalty now based on AGL altitude, not in altitude
  • Users can now add, edit and delete airports information
  • Password is not displayed
  • Removed unused fields when creating a VA settings
  • New icon for the application
  • Internal enhancements
  • Possibility to create backups of the database (flights)
  • Possibility to restore a database backup.
  • Cosmetic enhancements
  • Acustic and visual Warning for lights and IAS>250kt below 10000 FT
  • Pilot can configure to use warning and penalties based on AGL or MSL altitudes

There are a lot of hours behing all that stuff, but I hope you will enjoy the new funtionalities. Also be pattient, I am only one developing VAM and SIM ACARS but for sure all thise things will be released soon.
There are more susprises but if i tell you now it won't be a surprise :-)

Betatesters ar helping me to discover issues, MANY TANSK TO ALL OF THEM

Stay tunned!

Support for SIM ACARS / SIM ACARS with Windows XP
« on: October 28, 2016, 05:37:12 PM »
if you use Windows XP and have issues with SIM ACARS please use the version 1.3. Just replace the dll and exe, do not overwrite your database , file with extension DB3


Noticias y anuncios / Busco beta testers para VAM 2.6
« on: October 03, 2016, 11:42:30 PM »

Necesito una o dos beta testers para VAM 2.6. Las personas que solicitan este necesitan los siguientes requisitos con el fin de ayudarme:

- Buen conocimiento del sistema de VAM
- Ser parte de una VA usando VAM como administrador y piloto

Los tests se harán es etapas, por lo que tan pronto tengo cosas listas para pruebas voy a pasarlo a un entorno de prueba, no es necesario ningún código, las pruebas se realizarán en mi servidor.

Las personas interesadas en este importante tema, por favor enviarme un PM en el foro.
Planeo tener el entorno de pruebas listo para el final de esta semana

Gracias por adelantado

New and Announcements / Beta testers for VAM 2.6
« on: October 03, 2016, 11:40:07 PM »

I need one or two beta testers for VAM 2.6. The persons applying for this need the following requisites in order to help me:

- Good knowledge of VAM system
- Be part of a VA using VAM as an admin&pilot
- Fluent in English

The test will be done is stages, so as soon I have things ready to tests I will pass it to a test environment , no need to integrate any code, the tests will be done in my server.

People interested to help on this important topic please send me a PM in the forum.
I plan to have the testing environment ready by end of this week

Thank you in advance

Estoy cambiando de hosting todas las web. Es posible que por unas horas el foro y el resto de webs no estén disponibles.

Due to I am moving to a new hosting provider the project web and forum might be offline for a few hours

Noticias y anuncios / VAM 2.5.2 - Nuevo software Update para VAM 2.5
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:27:30 PM »
Estoy contento de anunciar una nueva actualización de software para el VAM 2.5

En este caso se trata de una actualización de software pequeña (SU) que proporciona la solución para el bug que en algunos casos se detecta un vuelo regular como charter cuando se reporta por SIM ACARS .

Por favor, echar un vistazo a la página de release de VAM para más detalles .

Este SU (software update) debe aplicarse si está utilizando VAM 2.5 o 2.5.1 , en caso de que no aplicó el SU01 Realmente recomiendo para instalarlo.

Enlace a la SU02 :
La instalación de SU01 y SU02 no es necesario si ha instalado VAM con el último instalador :

Una vez que ha instalado SU01 y SU02 sobre un VAM 2.5 su VAM estará en la versión 2.5.2


New and Announcements / VAM 2.5.2 - New software Update for VAM 2.5
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:18:03 PM »
I am happy to announce a new software update for VAM 2.5

In this case this is a small software update (SU) that provides the fix for the bug that in some cases a regular flight is detected as charter when it is reported by SIM ACARS.

Please have a look to the VAM releases page for more details:

This SU must be applied if you are using VAM 2.5 or VAM 2.5.1, in case you did not apply the SU01 I really recommend to install it.

Link to the SU02 :
Installation of SU01 and SU02 is not needed if you installed VAM with the latest installer

Once you installed SU01 and SU02 on top of VAM 2.5 your VAM will be on version 2.5.2

Best regards,

New and Announcements / I am back and active to the project
« on: August 17, 2016, 11:33:38 PM »
After a period of time without news about me and being missing in the forum I announce that I'm back and active in the project.
There have been several reasons for my "disappearance" and I would like to share with you:
1. First of all, I needed a rest to free my mind, I have invested many hours with VAM and SIM ACARS in the last two years in fact I could not fly virtually, in the last 6 months I did more real flights than virtual ones :-)

2. I had no time for hobbies due to some constructions at my home that absorbed me many hours.

3. The small time slots I had were dedicated to help in the integration of IPS with VAM system for a virtual company that soon migrate their system to VAM with more than 300 pilots and some of them are friends of me since about 9 years ago.

4. Changing priorities in my life,VAM has fallen on my list of priorities.

Does this mean that VAM and SIM ACARS are abandoned? No, they are not abandoned and soon you will begin to see me again in the forum and adding new functionalities to VAM and SIM ACARS.

Before finish this post I would emphasize that I am alone in this project and I am a person who works and who have other hobbies and obligations so I can not spend all the time in the world to VAM. With this statement I mean that any aid that lends me answering questions from users is very grateful. I give you an example, if I have 8 hours per week to improve VAM and SIM ACARS but I have to invest 4 in reply to the forum it means that in the end thre are only 4 for further progress with VAM. Therefore I ask a little patience and who have questions or problems please search in the forum and read the documentation where you probably can find the solution.

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