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New and Announcements / Africa's favourite Airline taking off
« on: August 23, 2018, 09:49:57 AM »
Hi Pilots and Airlines Managers, and would be men of action!

First of all, we want to thank Alejandro for his astonihing work. what an achievement for a single man to bring a big project. we will forever be in debt for what he gave to this Community of flight simulating.

Let me introduce you to a new VA. All African airways. It is Nothing revolutionary, it has the same features as others virtual Airlines.

What we propose is a new world, a new undertaking. A new vision. Behind this new proposition,  lies an ambitious project to brings wings to a continent unexplored and unknown.

This proposition is to engage all the people that might join us to not just fly,  but to create and be part of Something beautiful.

If you think you have the guts, you want to create Something and be part of a team that want to give back to the Community of VAM, you are welcome in this new adventure.

If you want to know more, visit us or send us a message and see what you can do for you and for others.

Welcome to a new world of experience and enjoyment.

All African airways; the continent's wings.

Herve M.
RFK676: CEO of All African airways

PromociĆ³n y anuncios de VA / Presentacion de All African airways
« on: August 11, 2018, 01:23:53 AM »
Hola Todos, Capitanes, pilotos y los pilotuelos.

Primero quiero dar las gracias al Creador del VAM. Me parece un proyecto muy interesante y grande que ayuda mucho a las aerolineas virtuales. Felicitaciones al senhor Alejandro. Gracias por su dedicaccion y su trabajo.
Nosotros somos una aerolinea virtual Africana. ( y su hub principal se encuentra en la Ciudad de Abidjan ( Costa de marfil)

La pagina web todavia no esta terminada, y estamos tratando de integrar el VAM dentro de nuestro diseno con el wordpress. ( Esperemos que el senhor Alejandro no va a enojarse porque no estmos usando todo el diseno del VAM)
Pero tenemos problema para anadir en el Wordpress todo los plugins del VAM.
Bueno chicos, al lograrlo, compartiremos con ustedes como le hicimos para que sirve a la communidad VAM.

Otra vez, estamos contento de ser parte de la gran familia del VAM.

Nos vemos en el aire.

Herve MELEDJE( Gerente general del All African airways) 8)

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