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Title: Update transfer hours in gvausers table
Post by: dohavik on January 02, 2019, 03:54:52 AM
In this moment VAM allows pilots to transfer hours from former airlines in the transferred hours column in the gvauser table INT (11).
Disadvantage of this is that only complete hours can be transferred. By modifying the gvausers table and put the transferred hours column at DECIMAL (11,2), the flight hours on the minute
accurate can be transferred.

It might be an idea to update this with the upcoming version of VAM.

Users of VAM who do not want to wait for the next update can do this themselves by:
1. Go to phpMyAdmin at the webserver
2. Go to the gvausers table
3. scroll down to column 26 saying transferred_hours
4. press change
5. Type goes from INT to DECIMAL
6. Length/Values goes from 11 to 11,2

Then save it and it works like a charm.