NOTAM Creation Date2015-10-25
NOTAM Publish Date2015-10-25
NOTAM TextA3914/15 NOTAMN Q) LECM/QMXLC/I /M /A /000/999/4028N00334W005 A) LEMD B) 1510251036 C) 1510290500 E) TWY LC CLSD A3908/15 NOTAMN Q) LECM/QMYLC/I /NBO/A /000/999/4028N00334W005 A) LEMD B) 1510242100 C) 1510290600 D) 24 2100-2359, 25 0000-0600 2100-2359, 26-28 0000-0600 2200-2359, 29 0000-0600 E) RAPID EXIT TWY L4 CLSD A3895/15 NOTAMN Q) LECM/QMRLC/I /NBO/A /000/999/4028N00334W005 A) LEMD B) 1510252200 C) 1510290600 D) 25 2200-2359, 26-28 0000-0600 2200-2359, 29 0000-0600 E) RWY 18L/36R CLSD A3875/15 NOTAMR A3773/15 Q) LECM/QMWHW/I /M /A /000/999/4028N00334W005 A) LEMD B) 1510211506 C) 1510290600 E) TWY A18,A19,A20,MD,LD,ME1 AND ME2 CLSD TWY M18,M19,M20 BIDIRECTIONALS TWY M18,M19,M20 AND B1 DOWNGRADED TO ACFT TYPE E CORNERING PORTIONS BETWEEN TWY A17 AND MC, MC AND M18, M20 AND B1 WITHOUT TCL LIGHTING

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