Event NameGood Evening ZSE: Spokane Edition
Event Creation Date2015-10-25
Event Publish Date2015-10-01
Event TextThis will be our first stop in our Showcase Seattle series where we will be featuring several airfields around Seattle ARTCC's airspace during our weekly Good Evening Seattle event block. This week (October 15th, 2015) we will be featuring Spokane International Airport (KGEG). Spokane International Airport is a commercial airport about 5 miles west of downtown Spokane. It is the primary airport for Spokane, Eastern Washington, Coeur d'Alene, and North Idaho. The event begins promptly at 2100EST / 9:00PM EST and ends at 2300EST 11:00PM EST. The short event time ensures that all positions are to be staffed during the block - the late start time also gives pilots the ability to fly in from a variety of destinations within a 2 hour arrival window. Sponsored Route: KSEA-KGEG / EST, 45 Minutes SEA4 EPH ZOOMR ZOOMR1 (http://www.airnav.com/airport/kgeg) Note: During our Good Evening Seattle Series we will be utilizing sponsored routing. For the designated routing - full ATC services will be available from engine start to stop. Plan on an action packed airspace!

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